The ultimate bond of traditional watchmaking and finesse. Since its foundation in the year 1775 Breguet has earned and retained its regard as one of the most important watch brands by adhering to the values of their founder, the visionary Abraham-Louis Breguet. Breguet produces exquisite watches, which rank among the most coveted masterpieces in the world.


Tradition Collection

A memento of the enigmatic subscription watches that were once conceived by Abraham-Louis Breguet. The Tradition Collection looks back at the past as well as into the future of an innovative manufactory. The visions of the brand can be admired on the dial in particular.

Reine de Naples Collection

It is the icon of the ladies’ watches, the Reine de Naples of Breguet because the unique, daring style is thrilling and thoroughly delightful. In particular, the combination of an oval watch case and a side-offset crown lend an exquisitely elegant and graceful effect. The Reine de Naples Collection blurs the borders between wristwatch and jewelry.

Type XX Collection

The Type XX Collection was designed for the military in the 1950s. The timepieces were supremely characterized by conventional specifications, persistence, and modernity. They express the existing bond of the Breguet philosophy with the artisanal craftsmanship of the manufactory. The Type XX from Breguet is an absolute watch icon.

Tourbillon Collection

Abraham-Louis Breguet and his fondness for science. All models of the Classique Complications Collection have a tourbillon. In addition, every single watch is a showpiece of the concerted savoir-faire of the manufactory, which brings innovation and creative variation into every one of their elegant timepieces to present a new masterpiece.

The history of Breguet

In 1775 after his training as a watchmaker in Versailles, Abraham-Louis Breguet devoted himself entirely to modern watchmaking, Over time, unique features of the brand became recognized as signature traits in the watches, such as the guilloche dial, the secret signature or the calligraphy numerals. Also, Abraham-Louis Breguet developed a fondness for science and invented, among other things, the tourbillon and the elastic shock protection of the balance wheel, called the parachute.