The revolutionary, avant-garde and high-quality approach to watchmaking is reflected in the philosophy “Be First, Unique and Different”. Based on this, further collections with innovative designs were gradually created: Classic Fusion, Spirit of Big Bang, Square Bang and Manufacture Pieces. They are all characterized by a high degree of craftsmanship, both in terms of the materials that Hublot values (Magic Gold, brightly coloured ceramic, sapphire) and the Manufacture movements (Chronograph Unico, Meca-10 and grand complications, the Cathedral minute repeater and the special Manufacture Pieces movements).

Discover Hublot with us:


Big Bang collection

Hublot’s flagship model, the Big Bang, has revolutionized the watch world with its extraordinary design. As a contemporary icon, it is constantly reinventing itself, leaving room for technical and aesthetic achievements. More than a watch: a state of mind.

Classic Fusion Collection

Unique, robust, essential – the Classic Fusion collection reinterprets classic elegance in an inimitable way that is characteristic of Hublot. A decidedly different style that finds expression in a variety of movements, designs, materials and colors.

Square Bang Collection

Hublot unveils its reinterpretation of the square watch, a completely new geometry for the Manufacture. Inspired by the company’s icon, the Big Bang, the Square Bang Unico joins the Spirit of Big Bang in the new “The Shaped” collection.

Spirit of Big Bang Collection

Hublot has captured the essence of the Big Bang in an exclusive collection in “tonneau” form. With their ingenious architecture with multiple layers, the enclosures pave the way for countless material, color and surface combinations.

Masterpiece Collection

The models in the MP collection are characterized by innovation and are the result of a fusion of revolutionary movements and spectacular designs. They embody true skill and invite us to look at time in a new light.

The history of Hublot

Hublot is a Swiss watch manufacturer that was founded in 1980 and is based in Nyon. Hublot’s first and pioneering creation combined gold with a rubber strap and a sporty case with a porthole-inspired design. This is how the “art of fusion” came about: the fusion of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship, worlds and talents. It became the aesthetic and technical signature of the brand.

This identity was reinforced in 2005 with the presentation of the Big Bang. It stands for unsurpassed expertise in complications, manufacture movements and top-quality materials. Titanium, ceramic and sapphire have been developed to unprecedented extremes in this model.