Bovet 1822

Bovet 1822

Bovet 1822 is characterized by handicraft techniques such as gemstone frames, engravings and miniature paintings on their dials – finesse at the highest level. The Maison Bovet is still one of the few manufacturers to manufacture their watches, including hairsprings and dials, entirely themselves.
2010, the owner Pascal Raffy launched the revolutionary and remarkable Amadeo Cabriolet housing system. The timepieces can be converted to a wristwatch, table clock or pendant watch for every occasion and need. Braveheart, OttantaSei, Astérium or Shooting star Tourbillons are some of his most famous icons.

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In the year 2016, the Maison Bovet surprised collectors with the unveiling of Récital 18 Shooting Star Tourbillons. The watchmaker revolutionized the design by pairing its movement with an asymmetric enclosure with a patented design. A year later, Bovet expanded on the incredible watch with the Récital 20 Astérium, which borrowed the innovative enclosure from the Récital 18 and incorporated the intuitive display of astronomical signs. Just as the universe knows no bounds, so too does the infinite scope of the imagination of Bovet owner Pascal Raffy. It takes shape in a newly developed trilogy of celestial timepieces. The Récital 22 Grand Récital Tourbillon is the third chapter in this poetic watchmaking story that Pascal Raffy and the watchmakers of the manufactory started two years ago.

Fleurier Grandes Complications

The Grandes Complications is a collection of the superlatives of Fleurier and includes the limited series of the Haute Horlogerie of the manufactory, which bring its whole savoir-fair to the table. Flying Tourbillon with 22 days, three time zones, opposing direction pointers, leaping hour, retrograde minute: Bovet dominates the art of watchmaking with perfection and conquers new horizons.

The History of Bovet 1822

Bovet is a Swiss watch manufacturer of luxury watches. Since its foundation in the year 1822, Bovet has been enchanting watch lovers with authentic works of art of the most sophisticated mechanisms and hand-made masterpieces.

Bovet became recognized for the Swiss pocket watches which they made in the 19th century for the Chinese market. Since its beginnings, the Swiss watchmaking art has been celebrating a real success.