Franck Muller

In the year 1991, the young and extremely talented Franck Muller founded the innovative brand Franck Muller together with Vartan Sirmarkes, a manufacturer of watch housings for the distinguished Swiss watchmaking industry. The young company quickly developed into one of the most renowned Maisons of the Swiss Haute Horlogerie, for its wide-ranging knowledge and aptitudes in all aspects of watchmaking. We credit the success of the brand to the ingenuity of Franck Muller who has perfectly combined courage and creativity with extraordinary watchmaking savoir-faire.

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Franck Muller Vanguard Kollektion

Vanguard Collection

The powerful and dynamic Vanguard Collection sets sporty accents with a fascinating new shape. The simple no-frills design makes the Vanguard a unique watch. The characteristic applique numerals are superbly legible and radiate unique aesthetics. The use of modern materials such as carbon and sophisticated design features such as the integration of the bracelet into the enclosure round off the impressive watch

Franck Muller Long Island Kollektion

Long Island Collection

The Long Island Collection of Franck Muller is a dedication to Art Deco. Due to the striking rectangular shape with the extraordinary numerals designed by Franck Muller himself, the Long Island Collection has become an icon of Franck Muller. In the Long Island Collection, architecture and Horlogerie, as well as tradition and modernity, meet unconventionally. The emblematic models nestle perfectly around the wrists of Gentlemen.

Round Collection

The timepieces of the Round Series don’t reveal all their ingenuity at first glance. Under the undeniable influence of the traditional watchmaking art, well concealed inside the housing, is a 100% manufactory caliber. The Round Collection caters to all tastes – from classically elegant to exquisite complications with breathtaking engravings on the movement. The movements and dials melt together and form a complete work of art – a new vision of modern watchmaking.

The history of Franck Muller

Franck Muller was born on July 11, 1958, to an Italian mom and Swiss dad. After three years of training, his exceptional talent brought him to work at the watchmaking school in Geneva with renowned Swiss watch manufacturers and the well-known watchmaker Svend Andersen. At the young age of only 24 years, his talent had already gained fame, and Franck Muller received orders from major brands such as Patek Philippe and Breguet to restore their complications.

The Manufactory Franck Muller founded together with Vartan Sirmakes in Geneva produces exclusive watches. Intricate movements and original designs are part of Franck Muller’s trademark. Thanks to the full range of talent in all areas of watchmaking, the young company quickly became one of the most prestigious houses of the Swiss Haute Horlogerie.