Creativity, craftsmanship, originality and quality are the precious values that permeate Damiani jewelry. The Maison’s design creations are true masterpieces of goldsmith art and express the passion for jewelry that the Damiani family has handed down for three generations. The Maison’s jewels are entirely handmade by the expert master goldsmiths of Valenza, combining the allure and culture of Italian jewelry with the Damiani style: an elegant and sophisticated style, modern and always up-to-date, recognized all over the world. From a simple gold ring to an elegant solitaire with a diamond, from jewelry with precious stones to a timeless watch, the Damiani world has always offered unique and unforgettable emotions.

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The Belle Époque jewels evoke the style of 1920s film stars, those iconic feminine muses of directors and painters, and are designed for women who understand the art of seduction and the power of fascination.


The jewels of the Margherita collection are the guardians of the point where tradition and contemporary design meet. Inspired by the ring that Enrico Grassi Damiani dedicated to Queen Margherita in the early 1900s, they blend the wisdom and savoir-faire of Valenza’s master goldsmiths into a modern style. The perfection of the daisies becomes a harmony of shapes and volumes: they shine in the three versions in diamonds and white gold; in rose gold, brown diamonds and amethyst, and in yellow gold, diamonds and citrine quartz, to enhance the beauty of a kind and romantic woman.


Minou is the classic and iconic collection of the Maison, celebrating the combination of white gold or platinum with diamonds. Delicate, refined and elegant, the design of this collection is recognised by its exclusive “raised”, six-pronged setting for the diamond which emphasises the stone’s splendour with lightness. The full pavé version of Minou is enriched with a cascade of diamonds around the central stone and on the stem for an even more precious jewel.


An explosion of colour enclosed in a typical Damiani design: a soul in various shades is embraced by a design rendered unique and particular by its workmanship and careful selection of materials. The combination of different stones and cuts enhances the design and three-dimensional aspect of this collection with a unique style. The collection includes beautiful rings with a design that recalls the shape of a flower in a style that is both modern and timeless, with stones set around a larger central stone.


Dynamic, modern and glamourous: the D.Icon Woman expresses a style that sets her apart from everyone else. She loves the city where she lives, but her desire for discovery and her curiosity always bring her to travel around the world. But where she goes, her D.Icon jewellery goes with her, the latest evolution of the Valenza artisans’ goldsmith art; the most poetic intersection of ceramics, gold and diamonds in a collection proposed in white, black, baby blue, cappuccino and candy pink. The elegant design interprets the D of Damiani in a modern twist in white gold and rose gold embellished with a diamond, while the pavé version features full-cut diamonds. The different nuances of the ceramics can be matched with infinite outfits, letting each woman create her own unique and original style.

Damiani History

Damiani was founded by Enrico Damiani in Valenza Po in 1924, in the heart of the goldsmith district. Thanks to his ability as a master goldsmith, Enrico quickly became the jeweler the great families of the era turned to for the creation of unique pieces: true masterpieces of refined artistry. Enrico’s son Damiano Damiani was born in 1934; he launched a process of industrial and commercial expansion and promoted research in design and technical innovation, profoundly marking the company’s evolution.