Charles Zuber

Charles Zuber is a brand that is characterised by exceptional
design and simple beauty.

The legendary Swiss jewellery designer,
known for the brand that bears his name, was one of the most
of the most prestigious brands in haute joaillerie and haute horlogerie.
Charles Zuber is a Swiss brand based in Geneva, imbued with the spirit of its
spirit of its founder, borne by three passionate investors who have
combined their respective talents to continue the legacy of the late great
of the late great master jeweller.

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Charles Zuber, a renowned Swiss jeweler of his time, was the epitome of luxury and exuberance in his craft.

His exceptional artistic and technical skills in jewelry-making, coupled with his ability to conquer seemingly impossible challenges, made him a creative genius in the eyes of his peers. As a master of precision jewelry settings and mechanisms, he trained a whole generation of jewelers in the Swiss city of Geneva, the birthplace of high jewelry watchmaking.


Introducing Perfos, an haute horlogerie collection that embodies understated elegance and the provocative beauty of simplicity.

Designed by renowned Swiss luxury watch designer Eric Giroud, Perfos seamlessly combines traditional watchmaking techniques and modern aesthetics to create timeless timepieces.

History of Charles Zuber

We invite you to immerse yourself in the realm of exuberance and be enchanted by the incomparable craftsmanship of our unique creations.

Driven by obsessive creativity, an insatiable hunger for creating mesmerising moments and a bold vision, we escape the codes of the predictable by fusing the mastery of jewellery making with the precise craftsmanship of watchmaking.