Serafino Consoli

Over 10 years of experimentation, text and research were required to achieve the perfection that characterises Serafino Consoli jewels. Rings that become bracelets, multi-size rings, pendants and earrings that change shape. Innovation is an essential part of Serafino Consoli.

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The multisize rings in our Brevetto collection are not only suitable for wearing, but also for enjoying, as they fit both a child’s and an adult’s finger.

The mechanism

The mechanism of the BREVETTO collections makes it possible to transform the pieces with a simple touch and adapt the ring to the wearer’s hands. This innovative piece can be passed down from generation to generation from mother to daughter.


Serafino Consoli History

This is an Italian story, a story of excellence that opens its horizons to the whole world. Serafino Consoli started as a jeweller near Milan about 60 years ago. In 2005, Serafino Consoli began to develop a very innovative product, where simplicity meets progress and advanced technical solutions to create something that was previously thought to be impossible.