Purnell’s avant-garde timepieces are made in Switzerland to the highest standards of workmanship and engineering. Purnell timepieces are 100% Swiss Made, from the highly polished cone to the folding clasp. An exclusivity that matches the extreme complexity of the masterpieces. This exclusivity is partly due to the intricate mechanism of the Purnell star: the Spherion. In the more than 220 years since the invention of the tourbillon, nothing has changed the mechanism as much as Eric Coudray (winner of the Prix Gaïa 2012) and the Spherion he invented, the fastest triple-axis tourbillon in the world.

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Escape AS Monaco

Stand up. Risk. Repeat. It’s a philosophy AS Monaco follows on the pitch and one that fits Purnell’s More Future Than Past. Purnell presents a world first with AS Monaco: an innovative, transparent football made of rotating rock crystal that provides a view of the in-house flying tourbillon.de Tourbillon freigibt.

Escape II

Calibre P03 case with Purnell’s signature double spheroid: the world’s fastest double three-axis tourbillon. High-speed performance. Hyper-horology equipped, making it the perfect partner for any adventurer.

Escape Medusa

Purnell’s innovative in-house flying tourbillon housed in a perfectly round crystal ball that floats in a bubble. The crystal ball weighs 0.2486 g and completes a full rotation in 30 seconds.

Escape Skull

The Escape Skull is the artistic interpretation of the “memento mori”, a reminder of our humanity and of enjoying the present. The P10 calibre, Purnell’s in-house flying tourbillon, takes the form of a skull, crafted from anodised titanium and polished.

Escape Primo

Featuring the Single Spherion, the world’s fastest triple-axis tourbillon (calibre P11), with each cage rotating in 8, 16 and 30 seconds respectively.t; maximum functionality; incredible legibility.

More future than past

Contemporary Swiss watchmaking at its best, dedicated to hyper-horology.

The traditions of the past have been thrown overboard in the spirit of revolution. Purnell, based on Rue du Rhône in Geneva, brings to the wrist the few masterpieces beyond conventional high watchmaking: “Hyper Horology”.

“Exceptional watchmaking is healthy and alive,” says Maurizio Mazzocchi, CEO of Purnell. “After several centuries of traditional and classic watchmaking, haute horlogerie is moving rapidly into the future, and its standard-bearer is Purnell.”